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Saturday, May 03, 2008

proud mommy

for some reason, when it comes to putting the kids to bed, i have a hard time being the tough and stern mommy. it's weird because when i am not home and adam puts them to bed, they stay in bed and go to sleep. when i am home and put them to bed, they get up a million times. riley has such a cute little voice, and after i say "stay in bed" he will say "but what if i really need you?" so i just allow it. i know that i could put a stop to it, and could get serious...but i get really sentimental for some reason. if you have heard the song i wrote for the boys (you can hear it and watch a slide show of pictures on the side of my blog) there's a verse that talks about if this was the last time i would see them, and the things i would enjoy. one thing, was i would "keep you up at night for just a while". so i get that way. anyways...last night i gave the boys each a piece of paper and said they had one pass. they could use it to get up, but only one time.

ry just came walking out, and it struck me as so cute that he was holding the little "pass" in his hand, and told me that he could barely even hear the music playing. (i always have christian worship music playing when they go to sleep, always have since i brought aj home from the hospital!) so, of course i got up and turned it up a little. i don't know, it was just precious. so, i know i just went through this whole entire nonsensical story to just say that i think ry looked so cute holding his pass. i could have just said that. but that would not be me. hey- at least you don't have to be with me, because i would be acting it out!! that's just how i am.

i am so thankful that i have had the Bible to raise my kids with. i am so seeing the benefits of following it!! it seemed so hard when they were 2 and 3 and i felt like my main job description was "spanker" and i may have had a day or two when i wondered if it was really making a difference. wow. it did. my kids aren't perfect, but they are already a blessing to their mommy when i see the way they act. they both just memorized psalm 119:9. "how can a young man keep his way pure? by living according to your word". that is my prayer for them tonight. keep living according to God's Word, boys! God will always bless your obedience!!!

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