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Saturday, June 14, 2008

9 years

so our 9 year anniversary was thursday (we have actually been together for 15 1/2 years!!) i think that for some people, acting romantically just comes naturally, like it's in them. i don't want this to sound like i am putting adam down, but i don't think it comes naturally for him, which is what made last week even more special to me. a few weeks ago in passing, i mentioned that i had always wanted to go to the cape. i don't remember the context, but i didn't think much about it. anyways, he remembered that i said that, and planned a romantic 3 day getaway for us. he planned the whole thing himself, found a great place to stay, and kept the whole thing a secret! it was so amazingly sweet to me, how excited he was about it, and how special he treated me. we had perfect weather, and had such a relaxing, refreshing time! it was so great to be able to have no time schedule, and just no schedule at all! we laid out by the pool, walked the beach, shopped in all the cute little shops, and had an absolutely PERFECT time. i am so thankful to be married to someone that loves me so much. i love how we are even more in love now than when we first got married!

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  1. cute pictures. that sundae looks amazing!! :)


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