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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

one more thing...

have i mentioned how amazing my family is yet? if you were to see melanie with my boys, you would think she was their mommy. she loves them so much, and is so amazing with them! they love her so much...which of course makes it even harder that she is so far away from us!! every time she comes for the weekend, the boys want to be near her constantly. (i mean, i do too!!) she is always willing to do anything they want. i love that.
i also love how my parents are with them. my mom spent an hour outside with them playing "pirates" - whatever that even means!! but she is always right there with them playing, and loving. my dad took them out for ice cream, and let ry wear his pirate hat, eye patch and hook! (side note here...i would never have allowed that!! haha!!!)
then erika, who acts as if there is nothing could ever phase her...5 kids, 7 kids...ya know, what's the difference, right?? she treats them the same as her own kids, and i feel really blessed to have such a great family.
ok, it's 11:37. i have had a long few days, between the boys doctor's appointments (they both had shots - so sad!! :(), praise team practice, young adults group,
and the list goes on...but the celts are on, and so i am sitting here watching adam get very frustrated with pierce and garnett. i mean, how could they do this to us and play so poorly? geeeez! so i am not going to go back and re-read this, and it is rambling that probably makes no sense at all. maybe it will at least give you a good laugh!
anyways. i am looking forward to a few days alone with adam! he is surprising me and taking me to a mystery location (which mark is convinced is lot #73 at a campground! haha...you ALL know me better than that!) for our 9 year anniversary! yay :)
also, the picture is kind of random, but is a picture of the weekend with my melly.


  1. I found your blog, since you found mine! Now we have no excuse for keeping up on each other... and which reminds me... I so owe you a phone call. I will do my very best to call in the next few days! love and miss you guys terribly! but it looks like you've been able to move on with life without us!!! :) :) :)

  2. Hey Rachelle! I found your blog online... I got a weird email from "ajnrileysmommy" and I was confused what it was (there was not content to the email) so I googled it to see if you were trying to send a photo album or something and voila! This came up! Hope you don't mind!!! (hmmm, was this what you were trying to send in the email? Your link?) Anyway: HI! Miss you!!
    Hope your summer has been great so far. I will look here longer when I have more time but for now wanted to drop a line hello.

    Big hugs from New Boston.
    xo~ Jen
    (PS: email me if you lost my blog address and I'll send it to ya!)

  3. Thank you shell :). I love you and my boys so much. Hope to see you again soon!!


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