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Monday, November 03, 2008

revolutionary war days

i have this great book called "Revolutionary War Days". i don't even know where it came from. either erika, or a yard sale :) anyways, we just started it today, and it takes you through the war days through the eyes of kids. it has games, projects, recipes and other activities you can do as you go through it. today we made a hunter's bag to keep ammunition in (imaginary, of course). the boys had so much fun sewing it together, and they did such a great job! it took a little longer than i had planned, so the schedule got a little off, but it was worth it! also, i had gotten a "service opportunities" chart from doorpost to put a list of chores. i have to admit, that i have never really given the boys certain "chores" (i know at least half of the people reading this just gasped in horror, and the other half breathed a sigh of relief...so, hey - ya can't impress everyone :)) anyways, i love the idea, and both the kids are THRILLED with it! it really cracks me up, because aj was just saying, mom...i really want to do chores. and i want to do all the chores on the list. i said, well...i will break them up and you and ry will do different ones each week. he said, mom. i really want to do all of them! am i blessed or what?!?!

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  1. how fun!! and what cuties. i miss them...that is great about the chores!! way to go aj!! :)


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