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Saturday, November 01, 2008

pastor's conference part 1

last week was an interesting week. i will break this into 2 parts (maybe more...) so that it doesn't seem like i am going on and on! :) my parents and me and adam were going to word of life in new york for a pastor's conference. because it was from tuesday - thursday, we were really having a hard time figuring out who we would trust our boys with. my sister, erika is always willing...but i thought that 2 added to her 6 may just be the 2 over. i would not do that to her!! my other sister, melanie said that she would be more than happy to, and of course, i trust her 100% with my kids. i know she treats them just like i would, and they absolutely adore her! but because she lives in new jersey, it wasn't exactly the easiest for her! she was so incredibly helpful, and met us in albany to pick up the boys. it was so weird as we drove away...i thought to myself, those are 3 people who mean more to me than just about anyone else in the world!!! the weather wasn't great, so i pryed more than ususal the rest of the trip! they made it safely to new jersey. they had a great time with her, as i knew they would! i thought they might ask to just keep her as their mom by the time it was over! it was a really great conference. we had such a good time, and the preaching was amazing. i still have not had time to let everything sink in, and figure out where i am going to go from here! some decisions i made had to do with how i am as a mother. some had to do with how i am as a wife, and others had to do with ministry. as some of you know, me and adam are very involved in many different ministries at church, and there have been some hard times with some aspects of some of the ministries (how's that for being vague?! :) anyways, too many times i focus on the very few people who are hurting me, or the few people who are not committed, and that is exactly where satan wants me to be!!! i don't want to be there anymore. me and adam have decided to take the verse in timothy that says to invest your life into faithful men and really run with it. we are going to do that. we are discipling a newly married, newly saved couple, and that has been so encouraging. i love to be with people who love the Bible, and are so hungry to learn more! isn't that what it's all about?? we have decided to choose the 2 teenagers who have the most potential, and who have the most sensitive hearts for God and disciple them. i am beyond excited to see what God is going to do. i can't wait to post in a few months and share what God has done. i have to have faith and believe that he will do more than we can hope or imagine!! one of the millions of things that i took from the conference was the thought of having intimacy in your prayer life with God. have you ever thought about that?? how serious are you about not letting your time with God get interrupted? try thinking of your relationship and prayer time with God in that light and see how it can change your thinking. just a thought :) i am going to bed, so goodnight for now!

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