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Wednesday, October 29, 2008


just wondering what people's thoughts are on halloween. leave a comment and let me know! :)


  1. My personal opion is...(and you know I always have an opinion) Halloween is what you make of it. I believe if you teach your kids at an early age it is just a fun, silly, day that you get to dress up like someone else, than it is no big deal. We try not to incorporate the scary, or witchy type stuff, just the funny.

  2. My comment got lost!!!! ACK.

  3. i'll comment later when I have more time!

    great question; one I struggled with for about, let's see, 9 years. I finally have an answer for me and my family that seems to "fit right." I'll share later...one my way out the door for eli's piano lessons. xo

  4. i love candy. but halloween is the devil's holiday. but i love candy.

  5. My family just always went out to dinner for halloween... we never felt like we were missing anything. I was 20 when I carved my first pumpkin... it was fun! :)


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