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Monday, October 20, 2008

my life

sometimes God will just give me something that i need. today, i was sitting at the piano singing and aj came and joined me and started singing his precious little heart out. it was so cute that i just started laughing (i think to stop from crying!) i am so thankful for what God has given me. He has made me glad!!!


  1. That is so sweet!

  2. I love little men! When they want to be they can be so sweet!

  3. this is way cute!!! what a good voice! it does bring tears to your eyes. so precious.

  4. i cant stop listening to this!!! and i dont want him to stop singing. sing more!!! i love him to pieces. and i love that song...

  5. OK, if I wasn't crying from the post above this one, I am now from this!!! This is the most precious video I've ever seen, truly. I can't wait to show my boys. Your heart must have been wanting to explode in joy and love for both AJ and our Heavenly Father!


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