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Tuesday, October 07, 2008

things have been a little bit crazy around here lately. i am still trying to do my best with homeschooling the boys, and we have had our version of "super conference" since saturday night at church. it's been a lot of work, and it's not over yet!! it's been really great to be a part of though!
i am sitting in my room right now, and i am TRYING to work on what i will be speaking on tomorrow at our ladies conference. for some reason, nothing is coming together the way i want it to! i have known what i wanted to speak on for quite a while, but i am just having a hard time focusing for some reason. i am looking at the beautiful leaves falling, and listening to my boys play football outside (i am trying to write that part fast, because at any moment one or both of them could be crying due to a hard tackle!!)i love hearing them play together! anyways, the thing that's so funny is that i am speaking on our thoughts! and my stupid thoughts are what is driving me crazy right now!! aarrrgghhhh!!! i have to really really focus on taking them captive. all of a sudden i will just realize that they are running ferociously down the wrong path...why do they have to do that?!?! my 3 points are 1. don't stay 2. just obey 3. ask away. the first one is the hardest - DON'T STAY SITTING ON THOSE THOUGHTS!!! it doesn't get you anywhere!!! so anyways...in my writing here i am just putting off the fact that i need to focus on what i am saying tomorrow..oh man, there is a basket of laundry in front of me, i need to go and fold it...here i go again :)

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