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Saturday, October 11, 2008

all that matters

today has been a little hard, a little discouraging. but then i realize that i have the most amazing family, and i realize that nothing else matters. i have a relationship with Jesus, i know for sure where i am going to spend eternity. i have the best husband. i have 2 incredible boys. i have 2 amazing sisters and 1 awesome brother. my parents are amazing. do all those other things really matter? and last night was a reminder of some truly wonderful friends who care enough to pray for me. i will choose to be thankful. :)


  1. These pictures are SO good! I love them!! and I enjoyed what you wrote...what a good reminder to think on those things.
    I love you!!
    See you soon :)

  2. And that is a great picture of you and the boys at the beach. up top. :)

  3. the last picture is amazing. great shots :)

    i can relate with the realization that lately things have been hard, and discouraging for us too. there are so many uncertainties in our lives, and I'm starting to get anxious about it all!


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