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Monday, January 05, 2009

new bathroom

my sister melanie bought us new bathroom towels for christmas, and so she inspired me to re-do our bathroom! i am just about finished...a few more touches are needed, but i painted the walls (haven't done the trim yet) painted the cabinets, re-did the floors with "tiles" (ok, they're the peel and stick, but still!!) and got a new light. i LOVE what it looks like and thought i would share :)


  1. Wow! All that from towels? :)

  2. B E U tiful! You have inspired me to redo my bathroom too. Will send before and after photos when I finish......
    Wish I could see it in person...... :<

  3. i absolutely love this!!! :) so pretty. cant wait to see it in person.


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