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Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas Eve/Day

Christmas Eve tradition for us starts out with the Curriers coming over for dinner at 5 - we order pizza from fremont pizzeria. I don't know how that part started, but i sure do love it!! Since we are so involved in the planning and running of the Christmas Eve service, a stress-free dinner is so helpful! The Christmas Eve Service goes from 6-7 and then we come back to the house to have Christmas with the grandparents and the curriers. Me and Adam have the boys open one present that night (pajamas) and then the chaos begins!! It's a tad loud and crazy with 8 kids and all of us adults, but we love it! This year was great and we got the Curriers all patriots shirts - they LOVED them!! Christmas morning the boys get up (adam said they could get up anytime after their clock said 6-they got up at 7. Yay for us!!) They open their stockings on our beds, and then we go downstairs to have Christmas with my parents and my sister mel and her husband Chad. We read the Christmas story, and this year AJ read it! He did such a great job, and we were very proud! While Riley and Nanny act out the story with the Nativity scene. Then we pray and then start opening presents! It was a great Christmas this year all the way around, and there is nothing like just being around family. I feel really blessed and happy this year. Our church family has been such a blessing to us, and we were again amazed at the outpouring of love from everyone! I am looking forward to my brother and his wife coming on Saturday night, and doing Christmas with Adam's side of the family on Saturday morning.


  1. great blog, great pictures and great Christmas. so glad to be here :)

  2. Sounds like you had such a great Christmas! Your family seems so awesome, Rachelle. I'm so happy for you!!!! Happy New Year!!!

  3. OK --- someone has to explain that photo with the old guy lying above all those adorable and goofy expressions - and the PANTS!


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