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Sunday, December 21, 2008

snowed in

things have been crazy here, and i haven't blogged in a million years. 2 thursdays ago, me adam and the boys all went christmas shopping. i thought we might be a little crazy, because i figured it would be packed out. there was probably 12 people in kohls - including the workers. ok, maybe not that bad, but it was so empty!! it was rainy, and i knew that we were supposed to be getting a storm, but it didn't seem bad. i guess i was wrong. we lost power that night at 11, so we brought the boys into our room (since the bunk beds are new, i didn't want them getting up in the dark to try to find their way!) friday was cold, and although my parents have a small woodstove, we don't have any wood! we put a couple picture frames and some cardboard in, but it only did so much! we found out that there were thousands of people with no power so we had to make a decision! my sister (in concord)had power still, so we went there friday. we ended up staying until monday when we finally got our power back!!! i couldn't believe it was so long!! the kids LOVED it, and i have to admit that i felt like i was in high school again, staying up late talking to my sister and enjoying late night snacks! one morning, i went into bri's room and found ali and aj dong their devotions - made me proud!!
we now are getting about 16 inches of snow (on top of the 7 that we got on friday!) so things are so strange...we cancelled church tonight, and it was cancelled last week because there was no power!! it's hard to remember what day it is, and to try to stay focused with school!!
i have so much more to say, but i will leave it at that for now. we are a happy little family and are all so excited for my mel to come on tuesday, then ron and bobbi on saturday!!! life is good :)

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