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Tuesday, December 09, 2008

not pottery barn

who doesn't love pottery barn? i admit that i have drooled over a catalog on more than one occasion, but realized that i will probably never be at the place where i could justify spending 2 weeks of grocery money on 1 sheet set!! even if we did have that kind of money, i would still find it questionable. anyways...that being said, i still love what the little boys rooms look like in the catalog, and hope that my mansion in heaven will be fully sponsered by pottery barn :) (i know that God's design will be a billion times better!) well, the boys have a good sized room, and we decided to put their beds back in bunk-bed form to give them more room to play (particularly during the winter!!) it came out really great, and i know that no one would put these pictures on display anywhere, but i am truly happy. even as i type this, my 2 healthy little boys (who have already gotten up, brushed their teeth, made their beds and done their devotions) are playing tackle football in their "new" room!! we are so blessed and i am so thankful for the 50.00 football toy box that i got for 5.00 at salvation army, and for the bookcase that i got for free from my in-laws, and more importantly for my relationship with Jesus. for the fact that i have the word of God that teaches me everything i need to know about how to be a godly wife, and how to raisly godly men for God. and i need to remember this feeling of what i really have the next time my pottery barn catalog comes in the mail...or maybe i should just tell them to stop sending them! be reminded of what's really important the next time you start wishing you had more!!


  1. i love it! it looks great!! that will be so nice for them to have that extra room to play. and i loved what you said. what a great reminder. it is so easy to look at those magazines...or to look in stores and just "want" to no end. so thanks for what you said.
    love you!! :)

  2. Oh I've drooled over PB catalogs too! My younger daughter's nursery was "based on" the catalog. :) My sister and I did it for much, much cheaper. I'm like you. Even if I HAD the money, I'm not sure I could do it.

    By the way...did you watch Front of the Class on CBS the other night?

  3. I LOVE the room. It looks just like a room for two boys should look. In fact, Mikie had a soccer room with a soccer field of astro turn on the WALL! But I love your ideas way better and WAAAAAAY better than Pottery Barn! Thanks for sharing the pictures. However, it would have been nice to see the boys in there somewhere ;-)

  4. HI :) It was nice to meet you too! I love what you wrote about pottery barn, wow, I am so the same way :) I DO love a deal, my sis told me that you do too, wow, we could have some serious fun, huh?! anyways, I love what you did with your boy's room...I think you did great! More importantly, you were wise with the money God gave your family, a wise woman :) I love getting ideas and then making them myself with LOVE for my children...
    Liz (melissa's sister :)

  5. GREAT room, GREAT post and GREAT pictures!!! So happy for you that you have the totally correct perspective on it all!! AND have the bonus of still having an awesome boys' room anyway!!! Icing on the cake.
    Love you!


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