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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Treat for the boys

The boys have been such little sweethearts lately. things have been kind of crazy when it comes to our schedules and ministry things. a lot of nights we are doing different ministries, and we expect the boys to either be in their room playing quietly, or in the church nursery by themselves, and they have such great attitudes about it! i feel really bad sometimes, and i don't want them to ever think that ministry comes before them, because although GOD does, MINISTRY does not! they are so obedient and do such a great job playing together and getting along. well me and adam decided to reward them for being so helpful by taking them to chuck.e.cheese. some friends from church had gotten the boys tokens for christmas, so we took them last week - just the 4 of us. it was a really great time and i am so thankful for how God blesses our family.

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  1. they are such great boys, with great attitudes. it looks like they had fun at chuck e cheese. what a fun treat for two little sweethearts:)


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