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Friday, July 31, 2009

swimming lessons

we signed the boys up for swimming lessons this summer. they were supposed to be semi-private, which would be a half-hour lesson with both boys together. after the first lesson, the instructor said that she had never seen anyone do the crawl stroke as good as aj with no previous swimming lessons. she said that she would be willing to do private lessons at no extra charge, since she thought it would be holding aj back to do the lesson together. they both really enjoyed the first lesson, but they absolutely LOVED the second lesson! riley was having a tough time getting the whole, put his face in, move his arms, AND kick all at the same time! she decided to put goggles on him to see how he would like it, and all of a sudden, he could do the crawl stroke perfectly!! it was amazing! he did a great job, and really loved it.

then it was aj's turn. he did awesome. he treaded water for 25 seconds, and learned how to dive off the diving board! she said he had moved up to a level 3, and riley was at level 2. they are so obedient and respectful to their teacher, and she has commented on that. we are very proud of their swimming but are even more proud of their attitudes that are so glorifying to God! :)

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