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Monday, August 17, 2009

alton bay - monday edition

this is mostly for erika. i so wish that you were here with us!! but for now, pictures will have to do! and...17 more days till the curriers come - AND ron and bobbi!! the WHOLE family will be together, and i am soo excited!
anyways...we got here saturday, but stayed the night at home so we could just walk to church sunday :) we came back up yesterday after church, and today was PERFECT weather! just beautiful, hot and sunny all day!
my parents, mel and chad, me, adam and the boys are all staying at the cottage we have stayed at for the last 3 or 4 years.

it has a beautiful view of the water, and we love it.
what we love about alton bay, is the peacefulness and safety of it, the memories, and the private - MODEST beach! it is so great, and we love to just eat and do nothing! the boys have loved the water, and it is so much fun to watch them together!

i love that we can all enjoy being with my parents so much. the boys loooove nanny and grampops, and they adore my boys (and all their grandchildren) and show it all the time

and they enjoy this

and this

have i mentioned the atmosphere here? i love the fact that there is modesty on the beach, so i don't have to worry about my boys or my husband having to deal with that, and i love hearing the conversations around me about serving God, and what God is doing in people's lives. it's so cool.

we love having chad and mel here. the boys LOVE aiyah, and she spoils them rotten with her love and affection

this right here

may be nothing more than an old swing set and a tree to you, but to me, erika, ronnie and mel it is a swing set that my brother and dad used to race each other climbing, a tree that me and erika used to try and kick when our daddy would give us underdoggies, and swings that me, mel, ron and erika have all used during the day to swing, and at night to get away and have deep conversations.
well, i am getting tired, and i don't want erika getting all teary before bed, so i think i will stop for now. anybody else have fun memories from the bay? i could go on alll night long, and my boys always ask me to tell them stories from when i was little at alton bay! and i always have a ton!
hope the millions that are reading this blog have a great night! :) haha


  1. sniff sniff.... :( Thanks for all the pictures- I'm there in spirit. I zoomed in on the pictures and loved them all. And I love you!

  2. Man, you are making me miss all those memories and long for all that peace and quiet..... and I have never even been there.......ok so I was there once in 1967 maybe..... but not with you guys. I would soooooo love to come up and bring Uncle Paul ('cuz he really has NEVER been to The Bay).... maybe next year?????


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