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Tuesday, August 04, 2009

hearing God speak

being raised a good, clear-headed, baptist :) i have just been trying to stretch my faith, and grow a little bit when it comes to the topic of hearing God speak. i started reading a book God.net. i have to admit that after the first 2 chapters, i was tempted to put it down, because i was like...come on. God does NOT speak that specifically to people! then i was like...you know what? maybe he does! i mean, after all. he does say "my sheep hear my voice". and there are many times that God talks about his voice in the Bible. my problem is, how do i differentiate when it is God speaking, and my crazy brain going a million miles a minute?!? does He speak specific things? i want to know BIBLICALLY, not experientially. what are your thoughts?!?!


  1. good thoughts!! i'll be thinking of that...and will let you know my thoughts...

  2. Can't really comment on that, but I also just read a book (recommended by your super Aunt Tracy) called "The Shack". In some ways it was fluffy but in other ways it started me thinking and looking at the way I view God and the Trinity. Thanks Tracy.
    Hope you get some really helpful comments and not just fluff from your crazy A.L.


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