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Friday, October 28, 2011

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

i heart faces {Let them Be Little}

the challenge on i heart faces this week is
let them be little.

normally, i look in my archives of recent photo shoots, and try to come up with something spectacular.
and breathtaking.

but this challange? it reminded me of life.
of the kids that i see every day who are not allowed to be little.
they somehow have had more responsibilities put on them than any kid should ever have.
the kids who are not allowed to be goofy and crazy.

so at my house?
it's a little different.

i try to say no as little as possible.
i love laughing.
i love silliness.
i want my kids to be allowed to be kids
i want my kids to know that they aren't going to get in trouble..just because they are being loud or goofy.

i want to let them be little!

Monday, October 24, 2011

soccer mom

last saturday marked the last day of soccer season for the...
get this...

8th year in a row.

no lie.
i have been bundling up my boys since they were 2 years old to play saturday morning soccer.

we're just that committed.
both of my boys were taking throw-ins with their pacifiers in their mouths.
{insert judgmental attitude here}

but funny enough, our life is really not all about sports.
and the boys know that.
before every game, we stop and pray that we will be love and light to every person we come in contact with.
adam has coached every year, and this year i was the assistant coach.

it was funny because a few weeks ago, in the middle of a game, i said to adam
"don't forget what we're here for!"
and one of the kids on our team looked at me and said
"what are we here for?"
it kind of took me back, to be honest.
i didn't really think anyone else was paying any attention to me...
i mean, they certainly didn't pay any attention to me during practice!!

but i looked at her and said
"well, to bring glory to God!"

so this past saturday was another end to another season.

it was intense..a real nail-biter.

but we came out with a win.
ry scored three goals.
and i was a one proud mommy!

and as you can see..

adam is one. great. coach.
he loves these kids, and it definitely shows!

so proud of our little team!!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

i believe...

in God.
not just in a blind-faith-it's-good-for-me kind of way.
i believe in God because of all the indisputable evidence i see.

i believe in God not because it makes me feel good.

even though it does.

because sometimes?
it makes me feel bad.
it makes me feel guilty for things that i am doing wrong that i am trying so desperately to justify and excuse.

i believe in God because if i didn't have hope, i would be lost.

and if my hope in God was only for this life?
i would be miserable.

i believe in the God who is preparing an amazing home in heaven for me, where i will live forever.

i believe in God because there is no other way.

i believe in not just any god.
not the man upstairs
not my opinion of who i think God is.

but the God of the Bible.
and the God of the Bible?
is amazing.

He is loving.
He is personal.
He is compassionate.
He is JUST.
even when i do not deserve it at all.
He is a healer and a protector.

i believe in God
because it is the only way to live.
God fills my life with
God fills my life with
God fills my life with

why would i want anything else, anyways?

i believe in God.
and i love that i have complete confidence in my God
who loves me...
who watches over me...

and who RESCUED ME!

don't you want to believe too?

Monday, October 17, 2011

a few stragglers

i'm editing pictures like a mad fool.
 in the middle of it all...i found these few that i forgotten i had!

makes me miss them all so much more!

Monday, October 10, 2011

i love fall

the best time of year.

hoodies, jeans and boots = perfection.

well...today wasn't exactly that kind of weather, even though i am pretty sure the calendar says it's october!

it has been so so warm outside!
but it is still fall and i am loving every second of it!

oh...and getting to spend every day with these boys make any time of year the best time of year!

bring it on...

we have an official chase/currier challenge.

the boys thought it would be fun since it was sooo warm out today to go outside and throw the football around. 
nothing new.
adam joined in on the fun, and it turned into a let's-see-how-many-passes-we-can-catch contest.
you  know...everything in life is about competition, after all! ha!
so they ended up making it to 663 completions!

they ran in the house yelling...let's challenge the currier's!

so there it is!
let's see what you got cousins and uncle!! 

Thursday, October 06, 2011

child-discipline...controversy and all

so here is the child discipline video i have been promising.
i apologize in advance that my mouth does not match the sound!
so annoying, but i didn't realize it until i had finished...
and it was 30 minutes long.
soooo...i was not about to start over!

don't forget to scroll down and pause the music at the bottom of the screen.

hope you enjoy it!

Saturday, October 01, 2011

generations of godly men

adam and i are very blessed to both come from generations of godly people.

adam's grandfather and uncle needed a place to stay for the night, so they stayed with us!
we only got to see them for about an hour, but it was great to see them and catch up.

what you see there,
is a grandfather who still chooses to live his life to please God.
then you see my husband, who is also choosing to life his life to please God.
then there are two little boys, who wake up every morning and read their Bibles..
trying to learn how to live their lives to please God.

they have great role models to look up to.

and i am so grateful.

the de-uh-field fa-yuh

the deerfield fair has been a family tradition ever since i was little.

this year, it was just me adam and the boys with my parents.
we sure missed the rest of the family!

i took pictures of things that would remind my sisters and brother of the stops we always make as we walk.
we always start at betsy's donuts.
um. yes, they are enormous, and yes i finished the entire thing.
don't judge me.

we always get a cheese steak at sam, joe and ed's, and finish things off with pat's apple crisp.

oh. i just realized that all i've talked about is food.


that's pretty much the point. ha
found this old picture of adam and the boys at the fair probably three years ago!
the boys have changed just a little!!

 and a few others...not the greatest quality..but so fun to look at!

then we watched the flying wallendas...

and called it a day.

a great day.

already looking forward to next year.


in 2012,
i'll have pictures of lilla, oliver, cal, and all the currier kids too -

enjoying the fair.

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