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Friday, January 06, 2012

christmas part 2

having a photo shoot on the 23rd, and another on the 24th made for a little bit of procrastination with going through my own christmas pictures!
but here is the rundown of the chase family christmas

my grandmother is visiting this year from texas - WHICH WE LOVE! and the  wamplers were here too!
me and mel decided to get our grandmother a manicure so we all went together.
we had such a great time!

christmas eve we always have the boys open one present.
it's pajamas. always. and they know it.
but we wrap them anyways.

then christmas morning starts with opening stockings, then eating some food
(my mom is amazing in the kitchen. she is always whipping up some new delicious dish! this one is a pampered chef recipe that you can find here although it calls for ham too...she did not add that)

then reading the christmas story

then opening gifts!
i think the boys are trying to get cal into legos already!
 the boys were pretty pumped about their new jerseys!

gram came up huge with new lego sets for the boys!

aj loves his new bongos from zach and ruthie!

we buy the boys 3 gifts each year for christmas.
this year, one of those gifts was a combined gift.
a new tv for their room!

i think they liked it.

then we have an older lady from our church come over for lunch. she doesn't have family around, so she enjoys celebrating with us.

always a good time!

the next morning, we started our trek to virginia.
we stopped at my sister's house for the night.

and for some reason?
i got 2 pictures.
what is up with that.
phewwww...that was a lot of pictures to upload!
and that was my very merry christmas.

oh, and i'll have more pictures of when my brother and his family came the day after we got back from virginia!
but not yet.

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  1. love love love these!!! loved looking through all of them. it was such a fun time. xoxo.


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