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Thursday, January 12, 2012

snow at last!

we got a fluke snow storm in october, and thought...oh no!! this is going to be the longest winter ever!
but - we haven't gotten snow since! in fact, it has been one of the most mild winters i can remember!
while it's been great for my photography business, it has not been so great for 2 little boys of mine who have been dying to go sledding, throw snowballs and make forts!

this morning they woke up to a winter wonderland

they love sledding down the stairs of the back deck

yep! i would say it's safe to say that i have 2 very happy little boys.


  1. Love it!! So glad you have a winter wonderland. Loved the pictures of the boys having fun!

  2. Anonymous1:53 PM

    A wintry wonderland - so beautiful! I remember snow days - so much fun!!!! nanna


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