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Thursday, January 26, 2012


i love a lot of things.
i love coffee.
i love my bible.
i love shoes.
i love yard saling.
i love running.
i love photography.
i love brownies.
i love the new england patriots.

but what i love more than i could ever express with words is

my chums.
my babies who i get to spend every day with.

we've had a rough school year.
just being real here.
well, actually?
i've had a rough school year.
my boys are never the problem. it's always my lack of organization.
but this week has been a good week.
a great week!
it started with a refreshing visit with 2 girls who i do not get to see nearly enough.
they are women who love God. and are serious about raising their kids to do the same.
(thank you for the inspiration jen and cherilyn!! love you girls so much!)
and we have done our school work exactly as i have in their assignment books.
see, a little work by me goes a long way!
the porch has been full every day, and my husband went grocery shopping for me today!
life is good.

i also started a little something to keep me more serious about staying focused on prayer.
i, for one, do not take advantage of the way that my Father says i can ask Him for anything...anytime!
so here's the deal.
if you go here
you can enter in any prayer request you might have.
i will then find a Bible verse to pray over you, and email you back with the verse so you can pray too!
go ahead, give it a try!
i would be honored to pray for you and with you!
we know - HE is able to do immeasurably more than we can ask or imagine!

Friday, January 20, 2012

New Website Launched

i am so excited to share my new website with all of you!
i have just finished and am really excited about what it looks like.

you can check it out here!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

a little story about me

so there i sat. in the front pew, where i sat every sunday morning. and sunday night. and wednseday night.

see..i was the pastor's daughter.
and behind me sat rows and rows of people.
with eyes.
ya know, as opposed to all the people without eyes? ha.
but when i say "eyes", i think you know what i mean.

you know the type.
people who look at the pastor's family with critical, judgmental eyes.
they normally choose 1 of 2 options.

1. those pastor's kids are such a bunch of hypocrites. they act all godly on sunday morning, and act like total and complete worldly sinners every other day of the week.


2. those pastor's kids are such a bunch of judgmental, self-righteous snobs. They act so godly all the time, and think they are better than everyone else.

normally those are the only 2 impressions.
there seems to be no in between in the eyes of the beholders.

i find it to be so incredibly ironic that so many people choose to

JUDGE others...
for being.

get this...


wait, what?
that doesn't even make any sense!
but i feel like it happens over and over.
and a lot of the time?

the person who is being accused of being judgmental?
is not actually even being judgmental!
they are just choosing to live their lives the way they live their lives!

sure, it might look different than the way another person is living their lives.
but that doesn't mean that they are judging the other person!

i just felt the need to get these thoughts out there because i want for you to think.

the next time you see someone who looks like they have their life together.
or the next time you look at your pastor's family.

just stop for a second.
give them a chance.

before you start judging them for judging you.

maybe give them the benefit of the doubt that they're not judging you at all.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

more fun in the snow

a bright and sunny day today made for 2 boys begging me to go outside and play in the snow with them!

so i bundled up with them after lunch and we went snowboarding and sledding together!

and although this is my snowboard, clearly both of my boys could teach me a thing or two.

my kids are so much fun to be with...
i love these happy boys. 

Thursday, January 12, 2012

snow at last!

we got a fluke snow storm in october, and thought...oh no!! this is going to be the longest winter ever!
but - we haven't gotten snow since! in fact, it has been one of the most mild winters i can remember!
while it's been great for my photography business, it has not been so great for 2 little boys of mine who have been dying to go sledding, throw snowballs and make forts!

this morning they woke up to a winter wonderland

they love sledding down the stairs of the back deck

yep! i would say it's safe to say that i have 2 very happy little boys.

Monday, January 09, 2012

101 in 1001

so i heard about this challenge.

101 goals in 1001 days

it was about dreams. and not only just having dreams, but...

turning those dreams into goals.

big difference, by the way.
i kind of backed away from the idea, because to be honest?
i have had a lot of dreams.
a lot.
and i have written out my dreams in a notebook, and started going somewhere with those dreams.
then i lost the notebook.
and that was that.

but when you turn those dreams into goals
all of a sudden, you feel like maybe it's a possibility.
maybe it's something that you had better get started on and not stop!

so i decided to just go for it. why not?
there are a lot of reasons for the why not.

because if i never write them out for real, live people to see?
i don't actually have to feel like a total loser if i don't accomplish them.

but the other side of that is this.

if i do write them out for real live people to see...
those people can hold me accountable. can challenge me. can pray for me. can help me achieve these goals.

so here we go.

my list of 101 things that i would like to do in the next 1001 days.
(in no particular order)

1. write out scripture more often
2. start a consistent early morning prayer routine
3. get more organized with my homeschooling. ugh. i feel like i always say that, and it never happens.
4. go back to haiti
5. run another marathon
6. learn how to french braid...actually, how to braid. (good thing i don't have girls!)
7. visit new york city. i know! i can't believe i've never been to new york city!!
8. put my laundry away as soon as it is clean
9. never stop attending FBI
10. outsource!
11. finish perfecting my website
12. to be less critical. of myself and others.
13. to get together with my amazing p31 sisters again.
14. go on more dates with my husband
15. buy another prime lens
16. start taking vitamins
17. go horseback riding
18. see kari jobe in concert
19. get my make up done professionally. never done it.
20. to go along with 19, wear false eyelashes. i don't know why, i just think they look so cool
21. drink more water every day
22. go to the basketball hall of fame
23. give at least half of my profits from my photography business to people who need it, and various ministries
24. beat aj in wii mario kart
25. reach 1000 facebook fans
26. have my branding done professionally. (i wish i could afford it right now!)
27. speak at a women's conference - of any kind
28. give the gift of photography to more people who can not afford it...just to show the love of my GOD
29. talk less, and love more
30. email prayers of scripture to one person a week
31. make an incredible website for The Porch
32. write one song a month
33. have more people receive The Porch newsletter
34. go to bed earlier...which will in turn, help me to get up earlier.
35. go on a cruise with my family
36. understand that who i am is not determined by the way people treat me. i hate that i care about that so much! God loves me just the way i am!!
37. spend more money on others and less on myself
38. memorize one verse from every book in the Bible
39. be asked to guest blog
40. go back to disney with my family and bryce
41. send birthday cards to every family member each year!
42. take more prayer walks
43. send more mail. like... actual paper mail
44. take more pictures of my kids living life. not just posing.
45. master white balance
46. read more books by tozer
47. become a mentor to someone serious about raising Godly kids
48. meet up with lindsay lanzel somewhere...anywhere.
49. write a book about parenting (at least a booklet)
50. take time off facebook every once in a while
51. watch the sunset on the beach with just me and adam
52. write down my dreams more
53. print more pictures out!!
54. finish writing and record songs of scripture for my boys
55. learn how to juggle
56. play the piano more
57. learn how to speak spanish
58. plant a garden
59. attend a pursuit 31 conference
60. go snowboarding more than one time each winter
61. oh, and to go along with #60, learn how to get off a ski lift without falling
62. learn how to change the oil in my car
63. go ice skating
64. never pass up an opportunity to pray with someone on the spot
65. become an official not-for-profit with epping lighthouse ministries
66. buy a building for epping lighthouse ministries
67. order new business cards
68. do another beth moore study
69. understand that i was created to bring glory to God. and never forget it.
70. go to boston more
71. organize a stylized shoot
72. use the crock pot once a week
73. be asked to travel to shoot
74. learn how to play an f chord on the guitar
75. write thank you letters to everyone who has donated to The Porch in any way
76. forgive girls who have hurt me. like, really forgive. for real. not allowing bitterness to have a hold on me in any way.
77. hire my husband to be my accountant for my business
78. think of others as better than myself way more than i do now
79. run at least 3 more half marathons
80. run another marathon
81. organize everything better. i know it sounds kind of vague, but i love being organized, and really need to just get better at it
82. not let myself get impatient and stressed over stupid things that don't matter at all
83. learn how to knit or crochet
84. finish our foster care classes
85. take in foster kids, and hopefully adopt!
86. read the Bible in 90 days again at least once
87. finish my study on being satisfied with JESUS
88. not miss any more days praying for all of the ladies i know, by name,  from my town
89. send letters and packages to the jackson family in papua new guinea
90. go to texas to visit my aunts and uncles and gram
91. declutter my house
92. email, text or talk to each of my siblings every day
93. learn how to speak creole
94. make legal who my kids will be left with when me and adam die
95. buy a hammock
96. get dressed up more
97. take the boys to sea world
98. go to the dentist
99. get pictures of myself done for my website
100. write in my mommy journal more often
101. say i love you to everyone in my family. every single day

so there they are.
all out in the open.
and now i am like...nervous to hit publish!
this is crazy.
i'm just gonna do it!!

my monday morning in pictures

happy monday!

Sunday, January 08, 2012

family photography love

i am so lucky to have a sister-in-law that i would honestly be close friends with even if we didn't happen to be married to brothers.
she is amazing.
she has 2 boys.
she is beautiful.
she is funny.
she wants to please God.
she loves photography.

perfect. just perfect.

anyways, in spite of the fact that i had literally been the sickest i had ever been in years, i had made a promise to do some family shots for her when we met up in virgina.
a promise is a promise.
so i got ready, dragged myself downstairs and got to look at this beautiful little family.

and it was totally totally worth it.
i love this girl and her family.

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Saturday, January 07, 2012

girl time

with a house full of boys, it is nice to get a little bit of girly time!
ron, bobbi and lilla came for a visit after christmas

and we sure enjoyed having lilla around!

Friday, January 06, 2012

christmas part 2

having a photo shoot on the 23rd, and another on the 24th made for a little bit of procrastination with going through my own christmas pictures!
but here is the rundown of the chase family christmas

my grandmother is visiting this year from texas - WHICH WE LOVE! and the  wamplers were here too!
me and mel decided to get our grandmother a manicure so we all went together.
we had such a great time!

christmas eve we always have the boys open one present.
it's pajamas. always. and they know it.
but we wrap them anyways.

then christmas morning starts with opening stockings, then eating some food
(my mom is amazing in the kitchen. she is always whipping up some new delicious dish! this one is a pampered chef recipe that you can find here although it calls for ham too...she did not add that)

then reading the christmas story

then opening gifts!
i think the boys are trying to get cal into legos already!
 the boys were pretty pumped about their new jerseys!

gram came up huge with new lego sets for the boys!

aj loves his new bongos from zach and ruthie!

we buy the boys 3 gifts each year for christmas.
this year, one of those gifts was a combined gift.
a new tv for their room!

i think they liked it.

then we have an older lady from our church come over for lunch. she doesn't have family around, so she enjoys celebrating with us.

always a good time!

the next morning, we started our trek to virginia.
we stopped at my sister's house for the night.

and for some reason?
i got 2 pictures.
what is up with that.
phewwww...that was a lot of pictures to upload!
and that was my very merry christmas.

oh, and i'll have more pictures of when my brother and his family came the day after we got back from virginia!
but not yet.

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