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Monday, July 07, 2008

another picture

this may start to get old...but it is so fun!! i don't love the quality of this picture...it was wicked hot and sunny, and i took the picture fast. (the boys are so patient with me!!) but i love the effect. i will use this more later!


  1. i love it, i love it, i love it!!! SO cool!! keep taking those pictures and keep putting more and more on!:)

  2. I am IN LOVE with this picture, and idea! I may have to try that one out myself... forget going to Picture People, that's a framer right there!
    ps... next time you come over here I need you to help me; you need to show me how to add music to the blog. I'm such a computer dummy!

  3. Dear Rachelle,

    You don't know me but i am a friend Of Brianna's and her family. I love this picture. I found you blog while i was looking at Bri's. Did you just use your camera software to do this? I love this Picture so much. If you would please let me know how you did it. I like you love taking pictures. If you go on my blog you will see some. my blog is www.welcometomegansworld.blogspot.com

    You take amazing pictures. Congrats on your new camera!

    God Bless from Texas,


  4. Linds8:20 PM

    RACH!! Oooohhh that is SOOOOO cool! You have to tell me how to do that! WOW! That is a great picture! Good job and keep up the awesome work!


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