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Friday, July 25, 2008

a little sentimental

so i have a little journal that has "tranquil thoughts of a mother" on the front cover. every once in a while i write it in, but not very often. i started it about 4 years ago. i mostly love to just pick it up every once in a while and read from the beginning to remind myself of things that i loved about the boys growing up. i can't help but smile when i remember the cute faces, and funny comments they have made over the years. i am amazed that i have a 7-year-old and a 5-year-old. i don't know how time goes by so fast, or why. funny how when you are right in the middle of changing diapers and wiping noses, fast is the last word that comes to mind! but tonight, i am just remembering to be thankful. today was a fun day with the boys, and as we played a game before bed, the boys were getting really giggly. it is so contagious!!! so i made them come downstairs with me and hold this ginormous sunflower my mom had gotten for her birthday and pose :) they were laughing so hard, and i just loved it. sometimes it's good to just forget about everything and LAUGH!! it has been really hectic the last week or so, trying to get all the final details together before we leave for haiti on monday morning. it was really refreshing to just laugh and enjoy! hope you like the pictures!

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