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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Baby Leah

so wednesday morning, i left the cottage at alton bay, and took a little walk by myself so i could find some phone service! i called erika, to see how things were going, because i knew the time was close for leah to be born! she was at the hospital!! me and mel decided it would be fun to just go...erika tends to have pretty quick deliveries (side note, if anyone wants to hear some fun labor stories, i would be happy to tell you, just won't publish them :)) anyways...we left at around 10:15, and got to the hospital at around 11:25. we didn't really know where she would be at that point, and after having two 90 year old men literally take us to her floor...like, literally walked onto the elevator, and escorted us. weird. anyways...we then talked to the receptionist on the labor and delivery floor, and she said (rudely, i might add) "this would not be a good time for you to see her" we said, well we're her sisters. she said. and i quote. "ok. what are your names?" WHATTTTTTTTTTT???? what are your names??? you have GOT to be joking. anyways...matt walked down the hall at just that moment, and said "she just had the baby" it was so cool!!! so we got to see her - and erika looked amazing! she looked tired, but you would not have known she just delivered a baby with no drugs - GEEZ!! then me and mel went down to the caf and had a salad together - which was so nice, because we don't really get to spend a lot of alone sister time together. and then we went back to the room and saw leah again and held her. little Leah Grace. 6lb 13oz. beautiful. the next saturday we took the boys to the curriers house, and they got to hold her too...it was soo sweet to see how they held her! they love their cousins!

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