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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

my baby lost his first tooth!

i can not believe my boys are so big! it is totally crazy. a couple of weeks ago, i was brushing riley's teeth before bed, and he said..."be careful, my tooth hurts" i was like, oh great. don't tell me he has a cavity! i looked down, and his front, bottom tooth was WICKED wiggly!! i didn't even know it was loose. well, if anyone knows me at all, they know i HATE loose teeth!! my dad has pulled all 4 of aj's teeth out, and i just didn't think it would be right to break tradition now! :)
wednesday morning, at alton bay, ry asked grampops to feel his tooth (for the millioneth time!) and this time he felt it all right! he yanked it out, and it really took riley by surprise, but he was a trooper and was sooo excited!! mel was right there to get tons of pictures (which you can see on her facebook) here's ry with one tooth missing. imagine his little lisp now!! he is so cute :)


  1. I cannot stand loose teeth either! I don't know what Ryan and I are going to do when the kids start losing teeth~ It makes me queasy!!!


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