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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

I love Alton Bay

i love alton bay!! ever since i was 6 months old, my family has been spending at least one week at the alton bay christian conference center. we have stayed in about 13 different cottages there! i love it so much, because it is really quiet, peaceful and...safe. i love that adam loves it too, and it's actually kind of part of his "childhood" memories too, because he has been spending time there with me and my family since we were about 16! my sister melanie stayed with us the whole week, and her husband chad came up on thursday. my parents and grandmother were there also. we had a really great time. the weather was GREAT, and on tuesday when it was a little cloudy, me and adam took the boys to funspot. they loved it!! it was an all around amazing week. the boys loved being with "aiyah" as they call my sister, and she is an amazing auntie to them. she is always playing games with them, and doing whatever they want. they love her so much, and i always tell her she is a better mother than i am! :) the last night before we left, we put the kids to bed, and then me and adam just walked around the campground. it was perfect weather (sweatshirt weather) and we had a really great time talking and remembering all the great times we have had at the bay! looking forward to going again next summer!!

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  1. i love alton bay too!! what a fun week....its always so much fun up there.


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