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Saturday, June 13, 2009

alton bay

last monday was a really beautiful day, and we knew that it was supposed to be rainy all week. so after lunch, we decided to head up to one of our favorite places to be - alton bay. i have loved alton bay since i was about 5 years old, and it has become well-loved by the three boys in my life too :) we had not been up there since the big fire that happened a couple of months back. when drove around the corner, i could not believe how different it looked! it was sooo sad to be near! see this hill?

me and my sister used to bike up here every summer, and the whole family has enjoyed many summer vacations in about 4 different cottages on this - beacon ave. now there is NOTHING there! it is unbelievable to see! just driving up the hill, brings back so so many memories of family vacations. it's great too, because adam was actually part of some of them when we were dating in highschool! anyways, then we reserved our cottage for this coming summer - good to have that done!! and the boys played basketball for a little bit. i loved watching them, because i have a picture of me playing basketball with my dad on this very court when i was about 8! if i could find it, i would have totally put it on here too!

then we let the boys play in the water for a bit, and on the playground. they had a really great time, and it was so nice to get away for a few hours, just the 4 of us. i am really thankful for times like this!


  1. wow!! that is so sad!!!it looks totally different.

    looking forward to our week up there though!!!! that will be so much fun :)

  2. My family also spent many a summer at Alton Bay when I was growing up ... I have checked out old pictures to see if a younger (and, I'm sure peskier!) Dean were in the background. Haven't found one yet, but when I do, it will be funny!


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