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Thursday, June 04, 2009

The Currier's moved!

so it was a pretty traumatic day for us last tuesday morning. my sister and her husband and 6 kids made the move to virginia. we knew that it was coming, but i think we were kind of in denial for a while. aside from the fact that me and erika are extremly close, the kids absolutely love being together. the thought of us not being able to see them anymore is sometimes a little too much to handle. really. we all know that God is ultimately in control of our lives, and has a reason for everything, but that doesn't always make your heart feel joyful!

i couldn't help but feel kind of...alone...when i saw the burb leave the driveway. it was so hard for me when my brother left for pennsylvania 4 years ago. then melanie moved to new jersey 2 years ago, and now all of my siblings are far away. don't get me wrong, i am positive that this is where God wants me to be, and i am so content and very happy with my husband and my boys (as well as my parents!) it's just that us kids have always been such a close family, and i know that distance can just make things...different. i can't just jump in the car and drive to erika's, i can't meet ronnie for coffee at the drop of a hat, and i can't go shopping with mel whenever the mood strikes. so it's just different. and there is somthing so special between my kids and my sisters kids...and we just have an understanding about the way we raise our kids. all that to say, life will have to go on, and i will have to homeschool next year without my sister to help, and that's just life. but i am grateful for the relationships that God has given me with my family. i know that i am fortunate, and i still talk to all of my family all the time. i am grateful for godly parents who decided to raise their kids the way that they did, so that we are the way that we are today! so even though i am sad, i know that God has huge things in store for all of us. He continues to bless my entire family in amazing ways - We do have a pretty amazing Heavenly Father!

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  1. awww...these pictures almost made me cry....i hate goodbyes and i dont understand why families have to move away and be apart :( it makes no sense. but you're right God is in control of us all and has huge things in store for each one of us...in our own seperate states. love you sis...


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