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Thursday, June 04, 2009

my boys are getting big!

we bought aj a bike a while ago, because the one we had gotten before was waaaay too small! he had never ridden without training wheels, and so it took him a little bit, but he got it. and after a few days he was flying around! riley took his old bike, which was the perfect size for him! we put the training wheels up a little at a time, and the other day i noticed that he wasn't even using the training wheels! so today was the day. we took the training wheels off, and he was already so confident!! he is so different from aj and i love watching their differences. riley will try anything and has basically no fear! aj is a little more tentative and likes to be sure about something before he tries it. either way, both my boys were flying around tonight on their bikes...reminding me of how old they are! the just looked so BIG!! they love to have me and adam ride with them because we let them go in the big church parking lot. they are always asking us to come out and play! i just love how good they get along, and how much fun they are to be with. have i mentioned how much i love spending time with my boys? i honestly love being with them!

They have both fallen a few times, and riley wanted to show me all his cuts tonight...he was a tough boy though :)

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  1. they are getting way too big. thats great that they are both riding bikes so well!!

    i love seeing aj and ry's difference too!! especially when i talk to them on the phone :)

    oh how i love them...


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