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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

change of plans...

adam and i are going to a pastor's conference in new york, which we had planned on for about 2 months. i would not feel comfortable going without the boys unless they were with someone i completely trusted. melanie is a better mother than i am with the boys :) and she was more than willing to take them for a few days. well, we left sunday afternoon to get to nj that night, then planned to leave monday morning for the conference that started monday night...we thought. monday morning, me and mel went out for a bagel and coffee (sigh. i sure do miss her!!!) and when we were there my dad called. he said. um...the conference doesn't start until tomorrow. well, my dad is jokester, so i thought he was joking - NOPE!! so, that was our change of plans. it was actually a beautiful day, so me, mel and the boys went to a little pumpkin farm nearby, and went shopping. could a day get any better?!?!? we had a great time, and i am so thankful for the extra day i got to spend with my mel. we are leaving in about an hour to make the 3 1/2 hour trip to ny.
here are some pictures of our amazing day yesterday.

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  1. what a fun time!!! so thankful to have shared those days with you guys :) i love these pictures!!!!! and i love those boys!!!!!


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