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Thursday, October 22, 2009

when apple pie becomes a problem

here's the dealio. i love the fall. i also love sugar. what is a better way to celebrate 2 things you love? bake in the fall. here's the problem with that. adam and the boys don't like apple pie, and i do. so the problem is that once the delicious, warm pie is done...there is only 1 person to eat it!!! but, because i could never justify having a huge piece of pie, i just pick at it a little at a time! then i think to myself, why didn't you just cut a slice, sit down on the couch and actually ENJOY it?!? instead, each time i walk by i cut just a spoonful. i haven't finished all my research on this yet, but i am pretty positive that the calories and fat grams are exactly the same regardless of if you are sitting down eating it in a bowl, or secretly shoving a spoonful in your mouth. oh well, and for the record, i did not eat ALL of the part that is missing. jeff and natalya helped me a little last night.


  1. :)i loved this post!!! that pie looks GOOD!!! i want a piece!!!

  2. And, if you sit down and enjoy a piece in one sitting, you can put a scoop of home-made vanilla ice creamon top!

  3. hahaha!! i love it!!


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