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Monday, October 19, 2009


i feel like i just have so much inside of me, dying to come pouring out!! i don't know how to express it all. anyone that knows me well, knows that i am extremely passionate about raising kids. i admit that i get frustrated...beyond frustrated, actually, with christian parents (the ones who are writing blogs that hundreds are following, or writing books that thousands are reading) who are throwing their hands up in despair as though there is just no way to raise godly kids, and every single thing is a "stage" that every kid goes through. i do not believe that our loving, compassionate God (the one who says that although he leads all of his flock as a shepherd, he is GENTLY leading those that are with young) is just sitting back and giving no words, no instruction, no anything to us moms who are trying to raise godly kids in a very ungodly world!!! i love my Bible so much, that there are times that i just want to bring it with me in the car to have next to me. i honestly sometimes rub the pages that i have just read...not because i think that it is magical, but because i know it is powerful! and it is living! and it is practical! and it is PRECIOUS to me! God is not confused by our culture. hello?? anyone hear ever read about noah? i think there have been some pretty wicked things going on in this world before now!
my one main point is that i am so grateful that my loving heavenly Father has given me clear instruction on how to raise my boys. i just came across this quote, that i thought was awesome. "I home school because I want just a little bit longer with my children's hearts!" my point is not to judge those that aren't homeschooling, and act as if i think i am better than anyone. i absolutely do not think that at all. but i do want a little longer with my boys hearts. i just read in proverbs that we are to "ABOVE ALL" guard our hearts!!
i love that i have the privilege to be at home with my boys, and that i am able to teach them how to fear God. oh i could just go and read the entire book of deuteronomy right now, but i think i should go see what the boys are doing...haha :)


  1. God is not confused by our culture.

    Whoa! Good statement! You are so right. And we have been given instructions. I know you and I don't have particularly old children but I too am unwilling to throw my hands up and say "that's just how it's going to be when they get to be ___ fill in the blank years old." I SO agree.

  2. great thoughts!!
    God's word is so precious!!

    love you sis!

  3. thanks for finding me...i can tell by this post we will make great friends:)

  4. can we please live closer to each other?

  5. Love your thoughts and insight here. I loved (and still love) raising my two boys and I wouldn't have traded having them at home (school) with me for all those years that we were able to do that.
    Cherish them while you can. and keep up the good work.

  6. hi ...

    i just found your blog through a comment you left on bridget's blog ... where you shared that you feel so alone in so many of your Christian beliefs (even in your church).

    well ... bridget and I just connected, too, and now have started email chatting.

    i was right where you are ... 20 years ago ... and it's a lonely journey sometimes. so, i want to find a way to be a big sister to all of you younger mamas out there that want to live differently ... differently than the world, and differently than most of the Christians around you, too.

    i had my first 6 kids in 6 years ... we were quite "different". if I had ONLY stopped at 6, i would have an empty nest right now. but, no, i have 6 more blessings to raise up for HIM.

    i have taught my children at home for the past 19 years ... and have at least another 10 years of homeschooling ahead of me (since my 2 youngest are in 2nd grade this year).

    children are a BLESSING ... at each and every stage of their life ... and they CAN be trained up to love and serve the Lord ... at every age. they can be taught to live life walking in the fruits of the Holy Spirit ... they can be kind, and patient, and gentle. YES ... i have children of every age, loving and serving HIM with all their hearts.

    i look forward to reading more about you and your precious family ... i hope you'll pop on over to my place, too.


    mama of 13


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