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Thursday, October 22, 2009

riley joel

i wish i could record riley all day long. he says the funniest things! he is always cracking me up, and what is so funny is he doesn't even realize he's being funny! he is a little nut, but still so sweet and sensitive. he needs to have his puppy blanky at night, and i hope that lasts forever!
here he is putting his game face on before practice...

and here is his happy face


  1. i love all these blog posts!! keep it up!! :)

    i wish you could record him all day long too!!! he is so much fun!! and comes up with the funniest things!! i so cant wait to have him and aj this week!!! :)

    the puppies on the blanket have to be facing up though!!! ;)

    CUTE pictures!!! love the game face one!! :)

  2. i just noticed the new header!! I LOVE IT!!!!! love that verse!!! and love the design and colors and picture!!! perfect!!


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