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Monday, February 13, 2012

Basketball Finals

our last day of driving 40 minutes to berwick for the boys basketball was saturday.

i could seriously watch my kids play sports every day. i love it.
i love their excitement, i love watching them play hard and i love seeing the different way they react to things.

aj and riley are very different personality-wise, and this is true when they play ball as well!
when riley scores, he looks over at me and adam and smiles so big!
it is so cute.

when aj scores, he is really calm and chill and just kind of runs back down the floor without any reaction at all.

riley's game was first, and they won!

i would say his team was pretty excited!

it was so cute to watch the way they celebrated!

aj's game was last, and they played a really tough team, with a player who was about a foot taller than even aj! they worked really hard, and aj had a great game, but they still ended up losing.

i wasn't sure how he would handle it.
sometimes, he can be really hard on himself and i was kind of worried that it would be a rough ride home!
but as he was walking over to me, i said - "great game aje. i'm so proud of you!"
and he smiled at me and said - "mom, when we win we praise him and when we lose we praise him, right?"

i mean, i am proud of him because of the way he plays basketball, sure.
but i am even more proud of him because of the godly, wise young man that he is growing into.
i love that he is learning from a young age how to handle wins and losses.
after watching many professional athletes, i can't help but wonder what a difference it would have made if they had been taught at a young ago to control their emotions, and trust and praise God no matter what!

i can't wait to see what God is going to do in the lives of my boys.

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