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Friday, February 10, 2012

riley turns 9

drumroll please...

my baby boy is nine.
how does that even happen?

we have already had a couple of little parties for riley and will have one last one on sunday.

he opened gifts from his aunts and uncles and some of our friends from church

i set up a schedule for his day which started with coloring ninjago pages that i printed off for him while i made waffles for breakfast. his choice.

then we had little mommy/riley date to dunkin donuts to play legos while aj was at co-op.

we went to mcdonald's for lunch. his choice again.

then came home and made cupcakes together, and opened presents from us.

then we had kids club, his choice of dinner...which was sweet and sour chicken with mashed potatoes.
and no corn on his plate! (bryce would be proud)

after dinner, adam took the boys to rent a movie and we had a family movie night together.

great day celebrating the life of our little boy.

if you know riley, you know that he loves to make people laugh.
he is seriously hilarious.
he loves popcorn, chips (with white cheese, not yellow) and salsa, mashed potatoes, cake, bread and turkey sandwiches.
he does not like corn, and ice cream...but does like sherbet.

he could spend all day and half the night playing with legos.
he loves soccer and is incredibly good at it.
he is super fast.
his entire face lights up when he smiles.
he has a hard time getting to sleep at night.
he still sleeps with his puppy blanket.
he doesn't like wearing jeans.
he reads his Bible every morning.
he sings a lot.
he is  hyper.
he can talk his way out of anything.


he makes me happy.
so happy.

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