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Wednesday, February 08, 2012

personalized gifts

i love this picture so much.

i mean, it's not perfect as far as photography goes.
but i love it for a couple of reasons.

for 1.

it reminds me of the fact that i have parents in my life who love me and are always willing to drop everything for their family.

for 2.

it reminds me that they know my kids so well.
riley is hugging them here (you can't really see my mom, but she's in there!) because they just bought him a duck....showing me that they know he loves ducks.

and a book.
but not just any book.
a book that my mom picked out because he had a similar one that he loved to read before bed and had just finished.

i just love it so much.

and it's not just my parents.
it makes me happy when people love my kids.
my boys have gotten so many gifts this year from different people who love them.
who know them.
who care about what they care about.

they have recieved:
bongo drums
personalized journals
a paper airplane book
a baseball glove
an apron

to name a few...

so thank you!
thank you for loving my kids too!
it makes me all warm and fuzzy inside!

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