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Saturday, February 04, 2012

i will not take for granted...

i take a lot for granted.
a lot.

but tonight.
i am going to try and not do that.
i am going to stop complaining about things that i don't have...
and be thankful for things...so many things that i do have.
here are some pictures to prove the amazing things i have, starting with my parents!

what is it about pictures?
i can't stop smiling when i look at these pictures.
i am sitting here by the fireplace, listening to worship music and looking at bright, colorful reminders of the incredible blessings of my God.
blessings that i have to admit i sometimes take for granted.
every night adam and i put the boys to bed together, and tonight aj was going to get into bed and said
"goodnight mom. see you in the morning! imagine?? imagine if you guys just sent us to bed?"

i thought it was so funny because he totally just expects for us to put them in bed, read a devotional together, pray together, and then have me read to them.
it's just what we do.
easy to take for granted.

i try so hard...especially at night to not take things for granted.
because where i am right now?
i'll never be here again!
know what i love?
i love that before i leave the boys room, riley has to say
"wait mom! i have to make sure i have my puppy blanket, tanky and puppy before you go to bed!"
because...he won't be saying that forever!

and i love when aj will say.
"mom...never mind. i mean, i was going to ask you to rub my back. but i'm sure you're tired, so you don't have to"

how can you turn that down?

i will NOT take for granted the fact that i have 2 little boys who are growing into godly men.
i will NOT take for granted that part of the reason for that is the fact that they have a godly daddy who loves them, and invests his time and prayer into them.
i will NOT take for granted that i have a place to live.
freedom to worship God wherever and whenever i want.
parents who are my 2 of my closest friends.
a husband who is committed to our marriage.
a church family who feels like a real live family.
a brother and 2 sisters who mean the world to me.

i will NOT take for granted everything that i have.
i refuse.
what do you have in your life right now that you should not be taking for granted?

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  1. Love this in so many ways.......Thank you for the reminder. Love the pictures too!!


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