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Friday, March 02, 2012

Being Satisfied.

i started teaching a ladies class a few weeks ago.
there are a few friends of mine who aren't able to come to the class for a few different reasons, and i was asked to put my notes here so they can be as much a part of the class as possible.
so - this is for you, loretta! :)

i decided to just start teaching on something that i wanted to learn for myself.
i have really been studying out the concept that
i can be totally satisfied in Jesus alone.

i mean, is this true?
what if i lost everything? would i still be satisfied?
i read verses like
"satisfy us early in the morning with your unfailing love..." Psalm 90:14
and "The Lord shall guide thee continually and satisfy thy soul..." Isaiah 58:11
these are some of the things that Jesus promises to satisfy us with:
*long life

this implies to me that JESUS is the root of where my satisfaction should come from.
not my family, not my health, not my possessions.
So this is what i have been spending my time studying out. i want to see if it's true.

i have spent the last 3 weeks with a group of women, studying and talking about what this really means.
the first week i talked about the difference between your heart, soul and mind.
this was throwing me for a loop. i could not figure out what exactly what the difference between heart and soul meant.
they are 2 different things according to the Bible.
the Bible says something else that is pretty much the opposite of what i hear everywhere else.
while common advice i hear is "follow your heart"
what the Bible tells me is that my heart is deceitful!
and isn't that the truth?!
my heart is constantly throwing me off!!
and that is why i have to guard my heart. (proverbs 4:23)
and that's why i should hide God's word in my heart so i won't sin (psalm 119:10)

so here's how it works.
a thought comes into my mind, then i decide what i am going to do with it.
keep thinking about it, or capture it and get it out of my head.
it then goes into my heart (which i have hopefully filled with God's word!)
from there it goes into my soul.
and that is who i am!
it determines the way i act and live.

we then talked about the three things that i thought would help us find complete satisfaction.
prepare your heart
2 chronicles 12:14 talks about the importance of this!
set your soul
I chronicles 22:19 talks about setting your soul...determining what you are going to do, and who you are living for.
call to mind
lamentations 3:21 reminds us that is is because of God's mercies that we aren't consumed!
helpful to be reminded of on those days that are rough to get through!
and we are also reminded in isaiah 26:3 that God will keep us in perfect peace if our mind is stayed on HIM!
who doesn't want perfect peace??

and here is the hope i left my homegirls with

deuteronomy 28:2,8
this is awesome.
it tells us that God will command blessings on us if we follow him!
did you GET THAT??

the creator of this universe, the one who is in complete control of literally everything will command blessings on me? and you!
that is amazing to think about.

i hope this has challenged you to do a little studying of your own!
do you want to be satisfied?
i know i do...
and i want to make sure i am doing everything possible to be sure i find that satisfaction!


  1. Loved this!!! Thanks so much for sharing it. So challenging and encouraging. And yes, i want to be satisified in Christ alone!! Looking forward to being in your class next Sunday.

  2. Thank you for sharing. It's something I forget a lot but need to keep in my mind and spirit. Going to share this with my family.


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