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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

when you're not chosen

i have had my fair share of times that i was not chosen.
it seemed to all happen at the same time for me.
it was my senior year in high school...
-was captain on my cheerleading team (lame, i know) and at the end of year banquet, 3 awards were given out.
i didn't get one of them.

-competed in a piano competition
didn't win

-wrote a kids version of a Bible story, and told it to the judges
didn't win

-first year of college, tried out for the softball team
didn't make it

-tried out for a singing group at college
didn't make it

-second year of college, tried out for softball again
didn't make it again.

(wow, this looks even worse typed out than it felt!)

anyways, i was thinking about not being chosen and just the whole idea of feeling like you don't fit in.
i went to a photography event on monday, and as i watched some of the people there crying over the chance to get a picture with jasmine star, i was thinking...
if my dad was here? he would literally have no clue who this girl even was! ha!

i started thinking about people in general and where we all fit in.
did you know that "celebrity" means, the state of being celebrated?
every single person is celebrated in certain aspects, in certain places.

who decides how celebrated a person is? right??
i mean really.

so what i take that to mean is this.

YOU are a celebrity!
does your baby's eyes light up when you walk in the room?

maybe you teach a sunday school class where all the kids adore you.

do your friends turn to you every time they need some good advice?

then see? you are being celebrated!!

so the next time you aren't chosen for something, or the next time you are in a situation where no one really knows or appreciates who you are,
remember that you are a celebrity to someone!

celebrate that.


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