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Thursday, March 15, 2012

how much God loves...

i was looking in the freezer tonight, and realized that we have had a half gallon of this certain type of ice cream - uneaten - in the freezer for about 2 months.
don't really know why i haven't thrown it away yet. but anyways.
it reminded me that aj didn't like it.
he loves ice cream, but doesn't like caramel in his ice cream.
riley? he likes sherbet, but not pink sherbet.
(and adam, well..you know. just plain old fat free vanilla.)

i totally know what my family likes to eat, and what they don't like.

i also know that riley is always hot at night, and doesn't like to be covered up with a lot of blankets. he also likes to sleep with his socks off.
aj likes to be covered up just right at night, and sleeps with his socks on.

because i love my boys so so much, i have loved learning about what they like and don't like.
and because i know what they like and don't like, i love to make sure that i have the right kind of ice cream in the freezer, the right amount of blankets in their beds, and i enjoy making them happy!

did you ever think that God, our heavenly Father feels the same way about us?
where do we get this idea that God is in heaven just "testing" us and trying to put things in our lives to see how we'll handle them? why do we sometimes feel that he is giving us JUST ENOUGH to get by...nothing more?!

that is NOT the God i read about in the Bible.
according to Psalm 139, God has more thoughts about me than the grains of sand!
then he tells us in jeremiah that those thoughts are thoughts of peace, because he wants to give us hope and a future!
there are so many verses that talk about God's love, and his favor!!
Psalm 5:12 talks about blessing the righteous with favor...and i could give so many more examples of God's love and care for us.

if even I can care so much about my kids that i want to know what kind of ice cream they like...
my God is certainly going to care even more about me than that!

so tonight, if you are feeling like God doesn't care about you?
ok, sorry to yell, but seriously.
don't get caught in that ugly trap of that lie!
it is just not true.

God cares about every single aspect of your life.
why don't you include him in those aspects?

i just love how much my God loves...

and just because posts with no pictures can be boring...i thought i would add a couple pictures of callen playing the mandolin with my dad!

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  1. Love this! Such an amazing reminder. Such great truth!! And I loved reading all that about the boys. The pictures of callen and dad are so CUTE! Love everything about this post. Thank you for sharing!!


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