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Thursday, April 05, 2012

fighting for my marriage

what are you fighting for these days?

i see a lot of people fighting today.
for their position at work.
they will work late hours, push themselves harder than they
ever have before, because they are fighting to succeed.

i see a lot of people fighting for something they are passionate about.
like, animal rights.
they push and work and fight to get the word out about how we can save the animals.

but how many people fight for their marriages?
of all the things that i could be fighting for, i want it to be this.

here's the thing.
i see a lot of people fight for their marriages -
once they are in trouble.

i don't want it to ever get to that point.
i want to be fighting for it today...
when the sun is shining, adam is happy and we are getting along great.

because i think what happens sometimes, is we get comfortable.
or...lazy even.

things are great with our marriage, so i decide to kind of just live my life and not really choose to communicate.
things are great with our marriage so i decide to not put an effort into the way i look, or the way i treat him, or ways i show him that i love him.

and that, my friend is not fighting.
it is the opposite of fighting.
it is just letting happen what will happen.

it is not being on guard.
not being aware of the enemy that wants to destroy my marriage.

it is just plain lazy.

so today, i am making a choice.
i am fighting for my marriage.
because for me?
it is the only choice i have.
i made a vow. and i will never.
not even ever.
divorce my husband.
it is just not an option.
can't be.

i am going to decide today to hug him more.
to respect him more.
to hold my stupid tongue when i want to say something i shouldn't
to not have to be right all the time.
to work hard at being a team.

according to proverbs 12:4
a wife of noble character is her husband's crown, but a disgraceful wife is like decay in his bones.

i will be a crown, not a disgrace.

if there is anything worth fighting for in this world today.
it is my marriage.

so today, that is what i am fighting for..
i am fighting for my marriage.

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