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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

soccer birthday party

aj wanted a soccer theme birthday party this year.
since he doesn't like cake, i decided to just make brownies (his favorite) and cupcakes.
i thought they came out pretty good!

it was perfect weather, and we stayed outside most of the time.
he invited a few friends and had a great time!
they started out with a goal-scoring-contest...

riley insisted on being the goalie the entire time...in his flip flops!

 then they played soccer tennis.

then it was cake and present time...he blew out the candles, but didn't eat the cake! ha

we had live music. only the best for my aj :)

thank you to everyone who came to his party and made it so special for him!


  1. Oh... that looks like SO MUCH FUN! Who had more fun Adam or AJ? I love the theme... just perfect for him. The pictures that you posted a few days ago with him juggling were so cool... I can see why you wanted them. By the way, when I showed Grace them, she nearly fell on the floor laughing at Riley's shoe in the air! I can't wait to be all together in June! Love you all!

  2. SOOO much fun!!!!!!! Wish I could've been there. I love all the soccer things and games:)

  3. love that table you did! perfect! looks like they had lots of fun :)


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