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Friday, April 27, 2012

God controls the weather

don't even try and tell me otherwise!
i took a trip to new jersey this week.
now...new jersey is not my favorite state in some ways.
no offense to anyone, it's just that...
well, new jersey stole my sister.
and i hate that.
but it's my favorite in other ways because...
well, new jersey has my sister (and a few other awesome girls that i love!)
moving on.

i was there to do a family shoot of melanie's in-laws.
we were scheduled to have the shoot at 4:30 on wednesday.
at 3:30, there were big, huge, dark clouds and drizzle!
i had literally no plan b, so the weather had to cooperate!!
i started praying.
and got some other people to pray.
and by 4:30 - clouds were gone, and a bright blue sky replaced them!
it was perfect weather. just perfect!

we had a gorgeous location, and we had an awesome time!
here are a few of my favorite shots from the day!

thank you, wampler family, for such a fun time,
and thank you, God, for bringing out the sun!


  1. LOVE all of these pictures! So thankful that God controls the weather and that he gave us perfect weather! Awesome with all of these. You are amazing!!!!!

  2. These are outstanding! What a great gift;)

  3. wowie, wow, wow. you improve by the day :)

  4. There's a verse that calls Satan "the prince of the power of the air." I remembered "discussing" this with your Grandfather. I "interpreted" it as: Satan controls the weather. Within the boundaries God gives him of course. Grampy insisted otherwise. ;-) I'm cool either way, although tornadoes and hurricanes raise the question... :-)


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