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Friday, April 13, 2012

soccer boys

my boys love to play soccer, and i love to watch them play!
aj's birthday is coming up and he wants the theme of his party to be soccer.
so he juggled. and i shot.
gotta get a birthday party invitation together!

riley wanted to take just one shot before we went in the house..
and this is what we got
from this?

to this

i wish i could upload what his giggle sounded like as he hopped over to get his sneaker!

i love these boys like a mad fool.


  1. oh wow. i love these. i will say that they did bring tears to my eyes....for many reasons. aj looks so big...and so does ry. funny shot of ry losing his shoe! i wish i couldve heard ry's giggle. i can picture it~ awesome shots. and awesome boys. who are growing up way too fast.



  2. I love these!! Your boys are adorable, and I love that you got some great shots of them doing what they love :).


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