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Tuesday, June 05, 2012

another sacrifice

i have written before about all the sacrifices you need to make as a parent.
ya know, sometimes you just want to do what YOU want, but you decide to give up your own desires to make them happy.
and it is always always worth it.
and then sometimes you get to have so much fun alllll together and it is no sacrifice at all to you as a parent!!!
that was today.
i heard about this super cool place called cowabunga's.
it is an indoor inflatable playground, and it is totally awesome dude. ha...i guess that's how you start talking when you say cowabunga.

i told the boys i would take them 2 tuesdays ago, but when i woke up that morning, my back was killing me.
it has been about 2 1/2 weeks with this back pain and it is really cramping my style.
but today was the day...so me and the boys met ron and bobbi and the girls and had such a great time!

i didn't lug my good camera with me, and the lighting was horrible,
AND...i was having way too much fun to be thinking about taking pictures!
but it at least gives you an idea of how much fun we had.
i was a jumping mad fool and i think me and bobbi were pretty awesome rocking out our mad skills in the boxing ring!
i beat riley at the obstacle course...but had to pull his legs down and jump over him to win!
he called it cheating.
i just call it smart.
i beat aj the first time, but he wouldn't let that happen the next 5 times!!
it was just an all around awesome time and i am so glad that we had the chance to go.
i see it happening again - very soon!!

my boys love having their uncle around again!
(so does their mom)

emmi slept like an angel through it all...her turn for all the fun will come!

i would totally recommend this to anyone! it is 10.00 per kid, and adults are free.
you can bring your own food and drink in too!
i love when my "sacrifices" are so much stinking fun!

but i think i might be sore tomorrow!

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  1. :) loved everything about this post!! sounds like so much fun!! we'll definitely have to go when we're up next!! cowabunga mann!


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