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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

living near the beach

i love living close to the beach.
i have tons of memories of my family, youth group, boyfriend (adam :)) and many trips to the beach.
mel and chad were here for the weekend, so we decided to skip out on watching batman. (and believe me. it was a big decision for the boys.) and go to the beach.
we grabbed a football and soccer ball and ran out the door.
i really didn't think that anyone would go in the water, but the boys had a great time jumping in the waves.
cal was literally in just a diaper and jumping in the water almost the entire time!

my boys loved playing football and soccer with daddy

i played football for a while too, but you will have to go to my sister's blog to see those pictures once she puts them up!

a little sister and sister-in-law time

i can hardly believe i am even going to post this picture that my brother took of me and bobbi.
i mean really. i may regret this later..haha!

we ended the night by meeting my parents for ice cream...

the perfect ending to any night, in my opinion!
yep. living near the beach is amazing...especially when you get to go with such an amazing family.

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  1. Awesome pictures!!! Such a fun night!:)


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