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Monday, July 30, 2012

how did this happen...

how did my boys grow up so fast?
for real.
it really feels like just yesterday that i was busy changing diapers, filling sippy cups and rocking my boys to sleep.
i almost forget that that was ever a part of my life!
of course, when i was in it...i felt like it might very possibly never end.
but here i am...i am looking UP to my 11-year-old and having deep, theological discussions with my 9-year-old!
it's so crazy when you realize that you would rather spend your day hanging out with your kids than just about anything else in the world.
that's exactly how i feel.
i spent the day out with the boys today shopping, and will spend tomorrow at a pool...and it is so.much.fun.
they make me laugh, they don't care about what my outfit looks like, and i absolutely love being with them.
last year, i wrote a post about the benefits of getting off your couch. you can read that here.
today was a day that reminded me of one of those benefits...
the benefit of training when they are young. 
because those long, tiring, sometimes discouraging days turned into amazing, peaceful, fun days like today.
i don't want to take one single day for granted.
i have no idea if i will have tomorrow.
i have no idea if any of us will...but i do have today.
and i will live it to the fullest.

a couple moments from my week:

a while ago i had recorded myself doing a parenting tip of the day on the ipad.
i actually didn't even remember that it was still saved on the ipad!
this week, riley had asked me if he could do something, to which i said no.
he went upstairs. 
brought me down my ipad, and asked me to watch it
the tip of that week was...say yes as much as possible!
he is a funny one, that one! (and yes...i did end up saying yes)

today, aj said to me "mom, how are you so happy all of the time??"

ahhh...and it is comments like this, and jokes like that, that remind me of  how blessed i am.
so blessed.
i will try to take more pictures, say yes more, and show joy and contentment in my life.

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  1. I absolutely LOVE your "realness" on your blog and your love for your boys... it is so refreshing... Can you come and speak at our MOPS this year? I would LOVE that!!!


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