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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Rye Beach Engagement ~ Brendan and Jenna

I was a little nervous before this shoot on Saturday, because it was super hot and humid....
and there was 2.7 million people at the beach. 
Give or take a few!

Anyways, Brendan and Jenna were absolutely so much fun to be with and we had such a great time I almost forgot it was a photo shoot!

People eventually left the beach, and when the sun went down it was a little bit cooler!
I could not have been any happier with how everything turned out.

Thank you guys for such a fun time.
I am so happy to have had the honor to shoot for you , and I am so excited to be able to capture your wedding in November!


  1. great job! love the beach!! :) you captured some great stuff!!!!!!! oh, and ps, I miss you.

  2. I love every single one of these!!!! Awesome job!

  3. Rachelle, your work is simply stunning! Such a gorgeous couple!!!


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