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Friday, November 02, 2012

Fun in the Florida Sun

adam's baby sister got married last saturday.
it was a little stressful getting us all down there...with aj's soccer team making the finals, we decided to switch things up so we could allow him to play with his team.
it ended up us having to get 4 new tickets. great.
but it all worked out.
it was a great time for his entire family to get to spend some time together.
since we are all spread out all over the country, it is always nice to get to be with each other!
adam's brother and his family stayed with us in a house his mom rented.
it was so nice to have our 4 boys get the chance to play and we all love being together!

we got to spend some time on sanibel island at sunset. perfect.

then the last day we went to cape coral beach

we had some great family times...

the wedding was beautiful.
the weather was perfect.
and the company was amazing.


  1. Loved seeing all those pictures :) Miss you already. . .

  2. Anonymous5:10 PM

    It was AMAZING - but it went by WAY to fast - let's do it all over again (except for the wedding!) Love you! Mom c

  3. these pictures were great!!! i had so much fun looking through them. looks like it was a fun time!!


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