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Saturday, November 17, 2012

where are you drawing the line

you know me and my parenting obsessions! ha!
i am always trying to challenge myself because i don't ever want to get lazy.
i mean...it is a natural tendency. at least for me it is! and it is a natural tendency in every area.
not just parenting.
i don't remember the last time i went running. lazy.
i have no idea what i'm going to pull out of the freezer at 4:00 to start supper tonight. lazy.
as i type this i am still in sweatpants and a sweatshirt. lazy.
see? it's just easier to be lazy!

so. as i have mentioned before in some of my intentional parenting posts (you can search by topic on the right side of my blog) it is always best to be prepared.

here's my question: where are you drawing the line?
where do you draw the line with movies? is it whatever your kids say everyone is watching, or do you have standards and rules that have to be followed before you decide?

what about how much time is spent playing video games or watching tv? is it just whenever you are sick of the kids fighting, they are allowed to play to keep them quiet? what about what kind of video games? are you looking at them and deciding if it is the best choice?

what about books? what books are you kids allowed to read, and why? do you know what the content is?

what about who their friends are? are they allowed to hang out with anyone they want, or do you have standards they need to follow?

i am not planning to write about what my standards are, because that's not really the point.
but i just want to challenge you to think these things through.
are you drawing the line at all? 
where is your line?
what is it based on?
are you just being lazy and letting your kids kind of do their own thing?

take a little time. 
sit down with a notebook and your Bible and start drawing the line.
make it clear.
i am always open to an email if you have any questions!

happy line-drawing :)

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